Urdu Couplets :)

Mohabbat-e-ishq ka karz kabool hai…
Hamari saasen hum asal,
Na chuka paye to wafat kabool hai…

(Love’s loan I accept…
my breath is the collateral,
If I cannot repay, death I accept…)

Raah jannat ki hai ya qayamat ki, kashmakash us ki nahi…
Iztiraar hai unke sukoon ki, justajoo mohabbat ki nahi…

(Whether the road is to heaven or hell, that is not the confusion/concern… Restlessness is for her/his peace, the longing is not for love…)

Aae falak na kar gamand apne qamar par,

Mere mehboob ki nigahe hongi uspe,

par aasu hai meri kabar par…

(O sky don’t show pride about your moon… My love’s eyes might be on it, but her tears are on my grave…)

Hassenae laajavab, unke kami ki gunjaish nahi,

Hasrato se hu mea waakif, bas bevafai meri fitrat main nahi…

(Beauties are excellent, there is no scope of any fault, am aware of desires, just that unfaithfulness is not in my character…)

Seher ke uss khwab ki nazakat ke liye,
Bebak alfazo ka lehja mayassar nahi…
Taabiir’e fitoor mein inaayat nahi, maayusiyat hai,
Uns ke Ikthiyaar mein na ho fanaa, qurbat mein sifar ke alava kuch nahi…

(For the delicateness of that morning dream,

The language of Bold/Detailed words is not available…

There is no blessing in obsessing over its interpretation, only depression,

Don’t destroy yourself with power of love, in closeness there is nothing else but nothingness…)

– Yours truly, Vaibhav Ghalib 🙂


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