And the gold goes to…

3 thoughts on “And the gold goes to…”

  1. That is an interesting perspective to competitions, it being this innate virtue which we don’t need to learn. What I ponder is, will the medal matter without the audience? Off lately I have come to the conclusion that a sport is for the person who plays and enjoys it. All the physical and mental benefits which come with that sport hones the person who plays it and it’s for every one to experience than just being a mere spectator.


    1. Absolutely… The game or the sport should ideally be for ones own personal satisfaction at the end of it… And if one involves themselves for the love of it then the medals won’t really matter… But for the majority of human beings competing with others gives them the motivation to exceed and pursue higher goals at the onset… Its only when it becomes too easy to be at the top that the challenging oneself or pursuing it only for the love of it kicks in… Not everyone unfortunately is an Einstein who would pursue physics even as a social outcast for its excitement… Though it’s best if one can… But I believe in what you are saying… And read the below link to see what happened when China tried to pursue it:


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