Its all about choice…

I write this in times of lock down’s of varying degrees around the world including where I am (Singapore)… and thanks to social media, people are trying to motivate each other by sharing how this is the time which everyone dreams of – spouse’s getting to spend time with each other, kids getting more attention … Continue reading Its all about choice…

Is it selfish?

Is it selfish? Jainee asked candidly… We were discussing moving countries and the pains around them… And she remarked that the first thought that comes to her mind is what will she do in the new place… and that brought this question to her… obviously we won’t even consider if it’s a place that’s not … Continue reading Is it selfish?


“As per section 375 of Indian Penal Code, will and consent both are required… And will is put before consent”… Submits Richa Chadha in the Indian movie Section 375. It is an interesting movie – if not for a 30 second clip at the end that destroys the whole movies unbiased-ness (& to be honest … Continue reading Intent!

The great hack!

If someone were to tell you that Facebook, Watsapp, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc… or any free app or site you are using that identifies you with your email id or some other identification is eavesdropping on you…. using it to manipulate you… that they look for more and more pervasive data to mine you… that … Continue reading The great hack!