Rendezvous over insanity!

2 thoughts on “Rendezvous over insanity!”

  1. Excellent write-up Vaibhav!
    When confronted with the luxury of reading about other people’s insane experiences of the seemingly impossible, a thought that comes to mind is: could I do it or even something similarly crazy? And then that extends to: what am I really doing and should I not be pursuing my own dreams?
    Problem is that as you say, some of us have forgotten our dreams altogether! What hope then is there for such folks?
    For the kids…I don’t think I can tell them ever to follow their dreams always because what happens if they ask: “did you?” But I guess we can all bastardize Ralph Waldo Emerson’s and Kipling’s words and say: whatever you do, leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a well tended garden patch, laughing often and much, meeting with Triumph and Disaster and treating those two imposters just the same!

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