The window of life…

Visions were obscure, like the raven walls,

Plagued was life by insipid, wading thoughts,

I threw open the window and what did I see?

Displaced was gloom of eerie darkness,

Like a dusky nightmare by elated day…


Now in this symphonic silence of dawn,

My soul dances to exotic singing of god,

For the autumn tree of life, spring season had dawned,

Fleeting leaves departed, juvenile flowers were born…


The fresh dew on grass, the euphonic warble of birds,

The warm sunshine, the caressing breeze,

The unroofed blue roof, the tender carpet green,

I perceived the ecstasy of a new beginning…


A unique beginning in life, a journey to self,

Shown by this window, a fitting friend in fact,

The four walls darkened the room, this window enligths,

The window to nature, the room my life…


Broken are mundane walls that disgrace,

That had power and pelf and money as base,

Ironically, however, the window remains,

That, through those degraded dark walls, showed me the way…


Now perceptions are clear, I am myself at peace

Each day now jollity, each night is serene,

I look through the window, and now what do I see?

A new interpretation of life, its meaning that be,

A lucent road to contentment, leading subconsciously to me…


Today I perceive, I think, I conceive,

The sorry plight of this mankind that be,

Unseeing eyes of theirs, blindness their fate,

Alas! They lack this window as mate…


I am very lucky, delinquent I am,

To cognize myself, to be on passage to god,

And for a blind man like me, my visions to world,

Is this window, this window, this window on the wall…


– Composed somewhere between 1997 to 2000


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