Coaching a child – or yourself?

I was just talking to a dad of my son’s friend in a birthday party where we both had to kill sometime…

The topic veered for no reason (like it usually is in such situations) towards how the kids were getting to school…

I told him that we took the bus even though we are very close to school because in the morning my son would make it walking, but I was not sure if the afternoon son was good enough…

He replied that they walked their son both times and kids should be able to manage the sun for sometime!

And that’s when I realised (maybe again)… That the most difficult part in growing your child, teaching your kid, making your own disciplined… You get the drift… Is having to first be willing to do the same on yourself!!!

Have read, seen and experienced so many times that children follow and learn by imitation… But man it’s easy to preach with all the sound reasons, logic and goodness of your heart but so much difficult to lead by example all the time… Damn the afternoon sun


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