Our desires, Our extinction, Our stories…

3 thoughts on “Our desires, Our extinction, Our stories…”

  1. Hmm…this one’s a bit cynical Vaibhav…where’s the silver lining or the light at the end? 🙂
    I find it remarkable that people thought of these things thousands of years back and came up with stories that still appeal today! Maybe just the desire of the human mind to believe one stories that give meaning to life and it’s struggles.
    As for the purpose of life: the most cynical and also the most believable view I have come across is to live.


    1. This is about the reality of what we consider as a priori and axioms of our life… Our core beliefs… That all of them are theories that help us in our desired role play… Not diminishing their importance… Just stating their true purpose and reality…

      I am increasingly moving towards buddhism with a hint of nihilism… Neitzsche and Schopenhauer are probably the ones I intend to go through again and find the meaning of life…

      Not against living… Absolutely for it… Just how – detached and with morals accompanying accordingly… Or following existentialism or indian philipsophy of carvaka and morals and culture accordingly… Am just a work in progress… Still more questions than answers or direction…


    2. Interesting however… Did we create stories to help our desires or were they product of our desire… They are a chain and self fulfilling one at that I believe… One spurring the other… Chicken and the egg…

      And the will to live is for sure… Basic existence is the foundation… How is the question 🙂


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