Measure of human progress…

We can measure progress and gauge the direction of change in human life by analysing the basic drivers of life… what for did the humankind struggle… What did it really work towards…

Before civilisation survival was the key goal… Just pure ability to sustain against the animals and nature…

Post civilisation, food, clothing and shelter became key aspirations of generations of mankind… Survival was mostly guaranteed…

Post medieval period and with advent of science and industrialization, food, clothing and shelter were no longer basic necessities… They were mostly received with relatively minimal efforts… Education and it’s pursuit for future generations became one of the key drivers…

And in todays world… Fired further by digital connectivity, internet and social media… Even education of our kids is not the barometer… We yearn for our own exhilarating experiences… See the world… Sky dive… Bungee jump… Visit Antarctica… Take a ride out of the atmosphere… Have a bucket list!!!

From being a survival driven life to a partly materialistic partly experiential living… What an amazing journey of the growth of our minds!



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