Before you flow…

As the unrestrained tides of time, rages to the threshold of an unknown new course,

Rest calmly with a soothing wave at your feet, for a moment by the shore,

Ponder back through the journey made, muse over the alterations on your seabed that the drifting water has made,

And with the insight that evolves, before flowing with the tide, deliberate now what variations you aspire to generate…


For the era that comes if begets nothing pristine, alas! it is too clear,

This event marks not the birth of anew, but the funeral of the former year!

Hope you enjoy new fellow fishes and fresh creeks, that the surging currents of time causes you to explore,

And may you cherish all that you yearn and lose not what you have painstakingly gathered before…

– Composed somewhere between 1999 and 2002


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