Manifestations of subtle feelings…

Each word lovingly spoken for someone special is a signpost, put up painstakingly by a thousand emotions,

Each leading endlessly closer to the aspired destination, nonetheless none is ever the aspiration,

And yet alas, in the end helplessly unspoken, lie a thousand affairs of every emotion…


In every passionate verse composed for someone special, lies the sweet exultance of a melody in ecstasy,

Delightfully dancing are lyrics to mellow rhythms, within a thrilling fantasy,

And yet alas, lingers unheard in the background, the sweeter strain that heralds that passion in melody…


Every eloquent phrase purported for someone special; articulates endless matters of tender thoughts,

Via irrational mumbled babbles, to that someone’s sensibilities; elation is brought,

And yet alas, lost obliviously in oblivion are the heartfelt sentiments, wherefrom that phrase was born…


Touching is the speech for emotions, but the touch of emotions that are spoken is greater,

Vivacious are tunes sung for passions, but the vivacity of passions that are sung is greater,

Grand is the expression of thoughts, but the grandeur of sentiments that are expressed is greater…


Plethora of feelings instigates a special expression,

and yet it’s the muted silence that precedes and succeeds,

that does the infinite issues of feelings unveil…

– Composed somewhere between 2005 and 2007


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