From a pregnable bud to a divine gardner…

Life a flower, in the garden of god,

I was a green bud, in me a flower forlorn,

Incarnated as a gardener, your intimacy I got,

For that in this paradise, nothing more I sought…


My image obscure, in your thoughts clarity,

For that against gloom, vividity I see,

You abated the impious elements from my base,

Abetted my growth, gratifying my grace…


Now as a juvenile flower I rest in relief,

Light as an autumn tree without its dead leaves,

The weight of disgrace, now I have displaced,

Like dusky nightmares by elated days…


A part of your prudence is now my mind,

The callous problems of garden, unvexing I find,

Purporting one thing, my heart eloques,

In your ocean of life, my humble stream grows…


– Composed somewhere between 1996 to 1999


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