Kaleidoscope, Heartbeat, Universe…


ost of the things we know of our external universe is just a theory… A theory that is mostly based on proofs by inferences… We observe certain things with the limitation of our senses… Limited mostly by the light waves captured… And then theories made around how those light and other energy wave observations must be what they are… based on some ideas… And they are accepted true if they are able to ‘predict’ or explain other ‘observed’ phenomena’s…

If the universe is a ocean, we have only directly ‘observed’ a glass of water of it directly… Rest is assumed to be following the same rules… We have extrapolated our observation to that magnitude with help of math’s… Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahnneman proved few decades back how the law of small numbers leads us to have errenous beliefs in the certainty of our thinking… Yet…

As Einstien said, we are actually trying to understand universe like it was a complex watch, and we are outside just being able to see some of its parts move… And are now trying to comprehend the whole complex mechanics based on that observed movement of the hands…

There is a limitation to our senses… There is very little we have directly observed… There are axioms (like speed of light as being the fastest) that we have just accepted… There are magnitudes of extrapolation and inferences from small numbers that are accepted true… Our understanding will only evolve for time to come as it has from the previous few centuries…

And whilst am it, my current hypothesis of our world is….

What if the whole thing is just impossible to fathom… Like the Chinese philosopher Zhūangzi said… Are we in the dream of a butterfly or is the butterfly in our dream?

What if the whole of our current universe is like a heartbeat (of…)… What we call big bang is the initial expansion and then the eventual contraction….

What if a whole world exists in each atom – within itself… And that the more we look in to smaller microscopic things or via our big telescope into vast terrains of universe…. We are essentially simply being directed into the same small area being observed differently… Like how a kaleidoscope shows us different designs of a small set… Or how a few mirrors placed in different angles make it seem like an infinite and unending image..

What if our universe – that presumed dark matter, those black holes… Those worm holes… All those things are closer than we think and they are just deflecting our light and observation like that of a kaleidoscope… After all, everything we are hypothesing is based on the inference of the light waves and their properties we are capturing…

What if the reality is that our spirit / concious is actually true energy or something without mass… Massless or matterless in real sense so that it does not get affected by gravity… And that like light, even we are sucked into this heartbeat and cannot escape when we get our conciousness heavier with the mass of desires and expectations (karma)… And that when we are eventually free of it, we will escape that gravity pull, like that of a space rocket… And be outside of this whole mechanical movement which is going on…

What if this whole theory that nothing can move faster than light is because, to move faster than it, you need less mass… And that time stops when you approach speed of light is true because when you get that speed, you become matterless and essentially stop moving… Unaffected by gravity of anything…. And can then observe everything else move but yourself… You become unmoved… That this whole universe as newton said is a big machine… Destined to its fate… With things moving along relative to the speed of light… And that you can escape it, only of you get out of that frame of reference… For which you have to be lighter and more purer energy than light… And then you can see the whole universe from outside… Over its span of past, present and future time….

And that based on our karmic dust on our soul spirit conciousness, we fall back from that unmoving frame of reference back to a time/place in unvierse according to the nature of that dust…

And that this heartbeat of the universe is eternal… And it will continue beating.. expanding and contracting… And that this black hole / worm hole mirror kaleidoscope will keep changing angles constantly… And that this light which is the basis of all our observation will be moving… Back and forth within the kaleidoscope… Like a train travelling across different tracks… tracks that constantly change angles based on the mirrors… And depending on which light wave train reference you are travelling with, you will observe your universe accordingly… Till it again hits a mirror and changes path… Or the heart beat contracts and everything is reset again with a new heartbeat!


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