A blink in world’s time…

3 thoughts on “A blink in world’s time…”

  1. Deep hai…. alternative kya hoga? Btw woh 10% of cash deposit also doesn’t exist in reality because cash itself is an idea!
    in his ted talk yuval Harris makes this interesting point: there is the physical reality (plants, animals, rocks, ocean, mountain, people) and the imaginary reality (borders of countries, laws, money, govt etc). We are at a stage where the existence of the physical reality on earth depends on the whims and fancies of the imaginary reality!


    1. Alternative – yes, that probably need to write another blog… But to me the alternative is in principle to let go and just realise we are what we are… Not chase anything… Not actively try to abhor as well… Just observe and be detached… Not yearn and run behind things… Realize nature and us as part of it… Understand what our bodies, material wealth and all of that in its true perspective… Not blinded by it… And if we feel pains or passions… Go through it but not be attached to it… Whether this is Buddha’s Philosophy of realizing everything is sarvam suksham sarvam shanikam… Whether this is mahavirs philipsophy of aparigraha, anekantwad or ahimsa or bhagvad gita philosophy of stithapragnya… I really dont know..


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