Sweet Corpse…

No exquisite phrases for thee, I find in my insane memory,

For to portray thy sparkling shimmer, my wildest imagination’s just a glimmer,

Like that of dancing million sparkles, lingering on the oceanic waters face,

Torched by a drowsy sun that fades, in the bosom of a horizon that awaits…


Vivid articulations of mine I find, are no more than ardent waves,

Surging towards thy shores, to embrace in their essence your traits,

But their gushing waters recede, while your grains are just only soaked,

And from the sand they soak, just return by adding to it no more…


Disappointed, dejected, depressed, perceive I my efforts in ruin,

Sinister shadows of debacle trampled at noon, proliferate now into engulfing gloom,

As on the threshold of suffering, I myself submit, your dream a matchstick lit,

And dawns an enlightening sun in me, an evening mirror maverick…


Enthused fantasy my resurrects, a tempestuous endeavor,

Deliberate reflections storm all over, beneath but a mellow breeze of feelings blow,

Caressing thy alluring image, striving a solitary tree I arouse,

And I etch up swaying leaves, like a nodding angel that I espouse…


Eventually my intent its fancy finds, in a blossoming flowers epitome,

To enliven your beauty, to your elegance add charm,

And as a crumpled corpse wither away like an ecstatic reverie,

In your book forever, as an eternally sweet memory…

– Composed somewhere between 2000 and 2006


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